Spring Week -13

Spring Color Dates Spring Color Dates
White Group Nov 30 to Dec 6 Yellow Group January 25-31
Pink Group Dec 14 to Dec 20 Green Group February 8-14
Red Group Dec 28-January 3 Blue Group February 22-28
Orange Group January 11-17 Violet Group March 8-14

The weather may be cold and miserable outside, but don’t let that fool you—it’s not too early to GET MOVING for this Spring Week’s garden!


  • Decide what veggies you want to plant, and how much of each.
  • Create a garden plan!  Use the tool linked here, or draw out your garden on paper, mapping out where each type of plant will go.


  • Do you need new gloves? Did your trowel disappear? Do an inventory check to be sure you have everything you need for the coming season.
  • Organize your seeds, and determine what types you need to purchase.

If you won’t be starting any seeds indoors, there’s no rush to buy everything now. You have another 8 weeks before it’s warm enough outdoors to begin planting. The nice thing is, you can buy a little now and a little later—spreading out the cost over the next two months.


If you will be starting seeds indoors, it’s time to shop! Check out my Spring Gardening Checklist to be sure you haven’t forgotten something. Make a shopping list of items to buy and head to your favorite home & garden store or nursery. Purchase seed starting materials and seeds. This may include:

  • seeds
  • fertilizer
  • seed starting kit (usually comes with a tray, peat pellets, dome lid) OR
  • peat moss or vermiculite or potting soil
  • peat pots, 4-pack containers, or small sterilized flower pots